Caltech Trading Corporation is very pleased to announce that the Board of Directors have approved the appointment of Mr. Mohammad A. Malique as a Chief Executive Officer (CEO). 


A passionate leader with first class communication skills and a long track record of successful DOD (US Department of Defense) projects. Educated to a very high level, with extensive knowledge of all current economic, social and regulatory issues.  An inspiring and motivational executive with first-rate interpersonal skills and the ability and passion to develop the vision of any company he manages. Able to push performance improvement whilst at the same time delivering growth.  Possessing vast managing directorship and CEO experience he will always ensure that clear objectives and expectations are delivered and maintained. An effective communicator who learns quickly and produces immediate contributions in people, teams, and organizations. A responsible, accountable, and determined individual with strong work ethic, attention to detail, both great written and verbal communication skills.
 - Non-invasive Medical Technology
 - Satellite communication
 - Security/Voice/Video/Wireless
 - Department of Defense physical tracking
 - System Change management,
 - Network and computer system security
 - System and process Audit
 - SIEM(Security Information & Event Management) solution
 - Information Security Awareness
 - Internal Audit compliance
 - Outstanding client management skills
 - Enthusiasm and commitment to delivering quality results in fixed timelines
 - A well developed approach to problem solving and decision making
 - Negotiation Skill

• Certifications

• Microsoft
MC ID: 7796866

• Cisco

• Shoretel VoIP
System Administrator

• Alvarion
Certified Wireless Network Engineer

• AvL Technologies
Mobile Satellite Systems Engineer

• iDirect Technologies
System Engineer

• Cohbam
COTM on the move systems Engineer


The management of Caltech Trading Corporation welcome Captain Islam and wish him very success in this endeavor.