Business Groups & Activities

Industrial Finance, Project Finance, Logistics & Development Group:


Amid substantial changes underway in the financial environment, the Industrial Finance, Project Finance, Logistics & Development Group is putting its strengths to work in industrial / Project finance businesses. These strengths include expertise in businesses and assets, as well as CTC’s global network and access to wide-ranging industry domains.Our group is providing comprehensive finance solutions leveraging strengths and approaches different from financial institutions. These include leasing, buyout investment, Asset Management, Fund Management and real estate finance. In addition, we are providing solutions in construction and real estate development focusing mainly on commercial facilities and urban development, condominium development, and in the areas of logistics and insurance.By combining knowledge and expertise in finance, construction, real estate and logistics, the will further enrich finance business.Main Products and Services: Asset management business, buyout investment business, real estate and infrastructure funds related business, leasing business, airline related business, healthcare fund business, real-estate development, income generating property portfolio, commercial facility development and operation, sales of condominiums, urban development, construction, real-estate consulting, global real-estate investment.


Energy Business Group


The Energy Business Group, in addition to developing and investing in Power Plants, oil and gas projects, conducts trading activities in areas such as crude oil, petroleum products, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), liquefied natural gas (LNG), and carbon materials and products.Main Products and Services: LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), crude oil, jet Fuel, gasoline, naphtha, kerosene, diesel oil, lubricating oil, asphalt, anthracite, coal coke, petroleum coke, carbon black feedstock, coal tar and tar products, carbon fibers and activated carbon.

Metals Group


The Metals Group trades, develops businesses and invests in a range of fields. These include steel products such as steel sheets and thick plates, steel raw materials such as scrap metals, coking coal, iron ore, and non-ferrous raw materials and products such as copper and aluminum. We help to create more affluent societies around the world by supplying essential materials to industry.Our businesses are broadly divided into “resource investments” and “trading”, two functions which have become inseparable and serve as significant strengths for CTC. Main Products and Services: Scrap Metals, Coking Coal, thermal coal, Iron ore, nickel, chrome, Ferro-alloys, copper, aluminum, pig iron, steel sheets and coils, steel tubes and pipes, stainless steel, other steel products.


Machinery Group


The Machinery Group trades machinery in a broad range of fields, in which it also develops businesses and invests. These fields extend from large plants for producing essential industrial materials.


Chemicals Group


The Chemicals Group trades and invests in the commodity chemicals and functional chemicals fields. Commodity chemicals include petrochemicals, olefins, and aromatics, methanol, ammonia, fertilizer and inorganic chemicals. Functional chemicals include plastics, functional materials, food ingredients, and fine chemicals.


Living Essentials Group


The Living Essentials Group focuses its activities in the fields of clothing, food and home-oriented living, as well as healthcare and media businesses. In areas from material procurement to the consumer market, we trade in products including Foods, Clothing, Paper, Packaging Materials, Jute Bags, Cement, Construction Materials, and Medical Equipment and provide various services.